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Just a few Questions that are frequently asked

   Frequently Asked Questions  

Do you have questions?

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                    Yes We Do:

1 - Take all major credit cards

2 - Set up accounts for those
customers that buy on a regular basis.

3 - Discount on Quantity purchases:
      - on full units
      - on large parts orders
      (remember the term "large order" is relative
        to what you think large might be)

4 - Prepay Freight: Its just added to the bill.

5 - Assemble at no extra charge. If you want it unassembled, you must specify.

6 -  Where do you Ship?
A: We ship all over. Yes, even Guam. (it may be expensive, but yes its been done.) We do reserve the right to turn down a shipping point for a variety of unmentioned reasons.

7 - Q: Can you get me parts for other brands of  hand trucks?   
A: of course we can.

8 - Q: Do you sell steel Hand Trucks?
      A: How can you be in the hand truck 
          business and not sell steel hand 
      No We Don't or No we aren't:

1 - No, we aren't Magline. We are Equipment and Supply Central 800-352-0272. We are a master distributor.

2 - No we don't gift wrap hand trucks given as presents. Maybe, a bow, or a thoughtful note, but no wrapping. 

3 - No, we don't offer loss replacement insurance. Our advise is to not leave your hand truck next to your truck when making a delivery when teenagers are gathered in the parking lot of the convenience store.

4 - If you make a living delivering things with your hand truck, don't loan it out for the weekend, to a friend that is moving.

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