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Oh yes, we do have a few tips for hand truck users which over the years will pay off.  If you have 
tips you have found to be helpful, let us know and we'll include them, and yes, we might even 
include some credits to boot!

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Tips for Aluminum Hand Truck Users - 

Tip #1
When using pneumatic tires always check to make sure tires have proper air pressure. A fully inflated tire means greater ease in rolling. Heavy loads become more difficult to roll, as well as more difficult to maneuver.

Tip #2
Period maintanence pays off. Go through and tighten nuts and bolts on hand trucks to insure the unit feels tight. Loosened nuts and bolts have a tendency to continue working there way loose. 

Tip #3
Always keep spare parts on Hand.  No one ever expects that hand truck to be placed in a blind spot behind that delivery vehicle

Tip #4
User accountability for hand trucks decreases the number of damaged  trucks and the mysterious disappearance of hand trucks of route salesmen. Users won't like this one, but it's proven that if a route salesman has to replace or pay for repairs the number of incidence goes down dramatically! Darn!

Tip #5
Keep and annual record of damage loss reports for review at the end of the year. Knowing that someone will be reviewing annual damage loss reports at year end often makes users a little more cautious when attempting those daring delivery feats.


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